Everything I’m Listening To In Autumn 2020

Let’s get the Spotify out and see what I’ve been listening to this autumn… It’s been a while since I have written one of these!…


Let’s get the Spotify out and see what I’ve been listening to this autumn…

It’s been a while since I have written one of these! Today I’ll be sharing with you a few music favourites and for the first time ever, a few podcasts that I have been loving this season.



Let’s start off with a few music favourites! Unusually, I really feel like I haven’t discovered anything new lately, hence why I haven’t written a post like this on my blog for a while. I’ve tended to just stick to the same old and I’m not too bored of it! However, there are a few recent releases that I can’t get enough of right now.


With their first album in ten years (TEN!) finally being released on Friday, you can bet that my autumnal Spotify playlists will be dominated by McFly. So far we’ve had a couple of singles and I am loving their latest, Tonight is the Night, with such incredible lyrics. I can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album will bring!


Taylor Swift – Folklore

Taylor Swift’s latest album may have been released back in July, but I am simply still totally obsessed with it. I always felt like it was a real autumnal feeling album anyway, so in the heat of August I tried to put it aside to when I would really enjoy it, during those drizzly days of October and November.

Blossoms – Foolish Loving Spaces

I’ve recently found myself listening to a lot of the band Blossoms, especially their Foolish Loving Spaces album that came out earlier this year. They are so lighthearted and uplifting with such amazing guitar riffs – If You Think This Is Real Life and The Keeper always guarantee to put me in a good mood. It’s definitely the album I have been playing the most when walking around London.

Mary Poppins West End Soundtrack

This one came out only a few days before I am posting this, but yes I am already obsessed. A year ago, for my birthday, I went to see Mary Poppins at the West End and had a truly incredible experience, it has to be one of the best shows I have ever seen. While I can’t tell you all to go and see it now (thanks for that, Covid), you can get the audio experience of the show with the soundtrack featuring the amazing current cast. It has taken me right back to seeing it live, and yes, I cry at Feed The Birds on the soundtrack just as much as I did seeing it on stage.


Until the past few months, I couldn’t really get into podcasts; I much preferred just watching something and found them a bit awkward to fit into my life. However, I’ve really got into them more – I think it’s just a case of finding the right ones, and I have been enjoying listening to them while on a long walk, cleaning, baking, or perhaps just when I feel too tired to watch a screen anymore (Zoom class fatigue is real!).

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

Off Menu was the first podcast I really got into – it is laugh out loud amusing and has made many a long train journey go by quick. Comedians Ed & James ask a famous guest what their dream starter, main, side, desert and drink would be in their “dream restaurant”. It’s a great concept that evokes hilarious conversation and controversial opinions – such as whether cheese is acceptable for dessert (my own opinion is absolutely not!).

Best Episodes: Victoria Coren Mitchell, Aisling Bea, Tom Allen, Claudia Winkleman


At Home With Lily and Anna

A lifestyle podcast featuring Lily Pebbles and Anna of The Anna Edit (the only YouTuber I still consistently watch these days), At Home With Lily and Anna began a few years ago as a look into other women’s homes, but was revived during lockdown earlier this year in a new format. These days, they begin by discussing their lifestyle favourites of the week, including a “top of the box” section of their most recent TV watch. Then, they discuss questions from listeners on a variety of topics, from their blogging journey to music and beauty. I can easily spend an hour listening to these two, it almost feels like catching up with two friends!

Best Episodes: “Q&A: Quitting YouTube and Getting Stopped In The Street”, “Off Menu: All Things Food” (recognise the inspiration there?!), “All Things Weddings”.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

I was so excited when Spotify announced an original podcast by Michelle Obama. In many ways building on topics discussed in her book Becoming, Michelle opens up about a range of topics, from growing up in Chicago to living in the White House – which is such an otherworldly concept that I simply always want to know more about. I particularly enjoyed the discussion of these topics with her brother Craig, who offered some really interesting insights about being so closely related to the Presidential buzz while still being separate from it.

Best Episodes: “President Barack Obama”, “Growing Up Robinson With Craig and Michelle”, “Family Ties: On Raising Kids with Craig and Marian Robinson”.

Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicome’s Lockdown Parenting Hell

My most recent podcast find is one that I am seriously addicted to right now. Comedians Rob & Josh discuss being parents of young children during lockdown, alternating between episodes with special guests, and shorter, more impromptu chats featuring stories from listeners. It is absolutely hilarious and makes me glad you have to wear masks on a train now, because it covers up how much I’m laughing! It’s certainly suitable for people who aren’t parents – I’m definitely not listening to it to relate, just for the incredibly amusing anecdotes!

Best Episodes: “Jump starting a tent”, “Lucy Beaumont”, “Rosie Ramsay” (I’ve still got many to work through though!)

However, all these will probably be out the window soon since Christmas is only around the corner – Michael Buble’s album is dying to be played already! What are you listening to right now?

EG x


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