The Script Sunsets & Full Moons Tour – Manchester

The Script are one of my favourite bands to see live, so I was very excited to have tickets to the Manchester date of their…


The Script are one of my favourite bands to see live, so I was very excited to have tickets to the Manchester date of their Sunsets and Full Moons tour in Manchester, on 22nd February 2020. I was seeing them for the fourth time (please appreciate my pun on their song For The First Time), but I think this made me even more excited because I knew how much exuberance they bring to the arena.

This was my third time seeing them in Manchester Arena (the other time was in Blackpool when I actually hugged Danny!) and I had the best seats yet, in block 114. I found out these were really good seats because it was about equidistent to the main stage and their B Stage, providning a great view for the entire concert.

The support act of the Sunsets and Full Moons tour was singer Becky Hill. I discovered I actually knew quite a few of her songs – the perks of working in a clothes shop that constantly plays pop music! Even if you didn’t know them all, you would have been living under a rock if you hadn’t heard her smash hit single Wish You Well, a song that was huge last year. Her talent really impressed me, she had a great voice and warmed up the crowd well.

The Script’s set began just after half 8 and ended at about half 10, so they were on for a full two hour set, which is really impressive. Six albums down, they definitely had a big enough back catalogue to fill the time! They began the set with their new album’s first track, Something Unreal. And it really was, something unreal! I was really hoping they would begin with that from the first time I ever heard it, it is the perfect song to get the crowd up on their feet.

They carried on with hit singles such as Superheroes and Rain. The visuals of the concert really impressed me, the moon above them as they began looked incredible. A favourite moment of mine was their mashup of one of my favourite songs of theirs, Good Ol’ Days, and the song Jump Around. It was something different and really fun – especially the electric buzz when Danny goes into the crowd!

The Script always do something a bit different with their shows, including calling up the ex of an audience member during the song Nothing, and even performing a couple of songs within the crowd. In the block opposite me, 103, the band had a whole set up to perform Run Through Walls and Never Seen Anything Quite Like You; they’d even got a keyboard in there!

However, it was the B stage moment that was the highlight for me. Here they played some incredible songs including all time favourite Script song, Science & Faith, the classic The Man Who Can’t Be Moved. Yet I was most excited for the final B Stage track, Millionaires, that had never featured on a setlist before until this tour, despite it featuring on their 2012 album #3. I had been hoping they would add it to the setlist one day and finally my wish was granted; it was every bit as good as I had expected.

After the B Stage, the band returned to the main stage for a few more tracks including new song Hot Summer Nights, which is definitely becoming a fan favourite, and arguably their most famous song, Hall Of Fame. We then had a quick pause before the encore, which comprised of Sunsets & Full Moons’ first single, The Last Time, and early hits Breakeven and For The First Time. They really finished the show with a bang!

As I mentioned earlier, they were on stage for two hours, and how they sustain that night after night, especially with some of the notes Danny hits, is honestly insane. As always, they performed an unforgettable show.

There’s still a few nights left in The Script’s tour, and also a few summer shows so make sure to check them out. If you are unable to go, I suggest checking out their Instagram stories because they often live stream the gig. They are a band I cannot recommend seeing live enough, and I am sure I’ll be seeing them many more times to come!

EG x

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