Everything I’m Listening to in February 2020

I like to post a little update of what is currently on my playlist every few months, and it feels like a while since I…


I like to post a little update of what is currently on my playlist every few months, and it feels like a while since I last wrote one up. Having reread my previous edition, I realised I am listening to quite similiar music still, but I do have a few recent additions to my playlist that I am currently loving.

The Script – Sunsets & Full Moons (album)

The Script’s Sunsets & Full Moons tour begins very soon, and I am off to their Manchester date on Saturday, so of course I have been listening to their most recent album a lot in preparation, along with their Spotify playlist ‘Snoom Lluf Dna Stesnus’, (Sunsets And Full Moons backwards) which is their official tour setlist. I am really excited about the songs they are playing, starting with new song Something Unreal is going to be exactly that, something unreal. Also, while this will be my fourth time seeing them, it will be the first time hearing one of my favourites of theirs, Millionaires, so I can’t wait.

Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles (album)

I purchased Sam Fender’s album on vinyl recently and this has provided the perfect opportunity to discover what a fabulous album it really is. I had listened to a few tracks already, but have now found even more that I love. Will We Talk? and You’re Not The Only One are both real stand out tracks for me, along with White Privilege, I cannot get over the lyrics of that one.

Taylor Swift – Only The Young

I went to see the Taylor Swift documentary Miss Americana at its first UK screening a few weeks ago and it was such an experience to watch it alongside three hundred other Taylor Swift fans. A new song Only The Young was released alongside the documentary and it’s all about mobilising young voters and creating change which is just as important as how good the song is.

The 1975 – Me & You Together Song

Of course, whenever The 1975 release a new song it’s going to end up on my playlist, so there’s no doubt I am currently loving their most recent, Me & You Together Song. For me, it instantly reminded me of Busted’s What I Go To School For, I just feel like they have a very similar sound, anyone agree? It has a really fun throwback feel to it.

Declan McKenna – Beautiful Faces

The most recent addition to my playlist is the new release by Declan McKenna, Beautiful Faces. It has such an uplifting feel, just like his previous music. I listened to his track Brazil over the summer and it has the same catchy, fun sound – one I definitely recommend a listen of.

What are you listening to this month?

EG x


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